Juggler 1.17

A new style of puzzle game for your Pocket PC

Juggler represents a new twist in puzzle games: Simply rotate the tiles around the board until you match the key! Start easily by choosing a beginner’s 3x3 board, and work your way up to a 6x6 brain-bruiser! Visualize your moves, solve the puzzle as fast as possible, and upload your best scores to our website. Customize your playing experience by choosing from 8 different tile themes. Who knows? Maybe one of them is your lucky charm!

Features of the game include:

  • Square screen support
  • Unique and original game play
  • 15 different playing fields
  • Random level generation for unlimited challenge
  • 8 different styles of board tiles
  • Ability to save your best scores and upload them to developer's ranking website

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Juggler 1.17

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